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  UNC Manialink
«unc» MrMiM

Hi All!

It was about time that we made a small introduction of the unc manialink.

The manialink or maniasite, is an ingame intranet system for tm united users, and it´s main purpose is for clans,racers,organitiations etc. can advertise with various contect. It´s possible to find all kinds of things out there. Maps,skins,mods,avatars,horns,competitions,servers,tm tools and so on. Mostly you will have to pay with coppers to get the content.
You can find more info regarding ´what is a manialink´, here:

You will be able to find alot of different stuff in there. We try to update it, as often as we can.
If you got any questions regarding what the different pages is used for, idea´s or any comments, feel free to write it in here.

[url=tmtp://unc]Click here to enter the manialink (opens TM)[/url]

Kind Regards
UNC administration
Edited by Mr Mim on 16-06-2011 01:39
«unc» MrMiM
Just a small update from our ingame store.
Alot of new cars, horns, mods and avatars are added montly.

Newest stuff in shop is:

Falken Rallycar HD
Skyline GTR Crawford

The manialink now contains:

100 skins
84 Horns
241 Avatars
8 Mods

Hope you all will enjoy it!
Edited by Mr Mim on 20-07-2011 21:12
I'm enjoying it, thats for sure.
Some great stuff there.
«υηс» Ð…וскηєѕѕ
Mim. It's awesome!
Now we just need to get
some more mods goin' Wink
a big thanks to the UNC administration great work guys like alwaysSmile
«unc» MrMiM
Skin number 100 is now on the manialink is now a reality!
Nissan skyline GTR Crawford Performance

Ty all for the support to the manialink so far!

Go Go Go!
«unc» MrMiM
Sadly the manialink is on hold atm, for maintaince. But if anybody needs anything from the site. Here's a small preview of the lastest work in the garage:

Just write in this topic what u would like, Free of charge!
Kind Regards
UNC administration
«unc» MrMiM
The manialink in tm1 is back online with 4 new skins added!
Big thx to steppie for coding it.
«unc» MrMiM
More skins and a mod added to the manialink since last update here. bier
«unc» MrMiM
New subaru skin added Smile
Merry Xmas all. Smile
«unc» MrMiM
New bmw added to the manialink in tm2. Have fun ya'll!
smooth m8yDriver
«unc» MrMiM
Thx m8y. Grin I made it for tm1 aswell.
Find it here:
great m8 now lets go get zooz on tm1 heheDriver
«unc» MrMiM
New skin on the manialink:
More screens:
Gg guys bier
Mr Mim wrote:

New skin on the manialink

Nice mate! looks sweet! Smile I like the wheels Smile and the "ripping" in the texture on the side Smile

Would be cool to see you make something a little more grundgy and not so clean and slick. Rust, dust, scratches..


AWSM! Banan
«unc» MrMiM
I can try to make a rat rod for you m8 Grin
«unc» MrMiM
I tried the new trick in the ingame painter, to paint in HQ. And it gives the skin a much nicer look.
Try for you're self. Smile ( http://forum.mani...41#p181521 )

Mx Skin, made from the ingame painter(4096*4096),with details made in photoshop.
(click 4 large view)

Download it at the manialink Grin
«unc» MrMiM
New skin added to the manialink:
«unc» sÏ„eppιe
Nice work sensei. Drive good in valley?

1. No can't help you | 2. Try Google | 3. Try Google some more!
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28-12-2018 13:03

Are you guys still online these days? Tænker

05-12-2018 12:10
Happy B-Day Sensei bier

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Huhu, Thx alot Sensei. bier

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