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How to join uNc
To join UNC, you are 18 or older, should have spent some time on the UNC servers or have played some regular matches with the UNC members before applying. Thereby we will recognize if your behavior, attitude and racing-skills will fit in with our community. You think we are the right community to join and have some fun with and you would like to get to know us better? Then these are some simple guidelines and profile-criteria you will need to fulfill.


To complete a valid application you will need to follow certain steps.
Open a new thread/topic in the "Join UNC" category and fill in following info.
(If you do NOT follow these simple steps, your post will be deleted without recognition.)

1: Your name
2: In game nickname + account name
3: Amount of ladder points
4: Age
5: Nationality/Origin
6: This is the most important part of the complete Application. Tell us why you would like to join UNC, how you got to know UNC and what you expect from joining our great community. In addition, we would like you to tell us a little bit about yourself aswell (hobbies, job,something interesting perhaps?)


From there on, UNC administrators will evaluate your application. In order to be accepted your application will need to get approved by 3 members from which at least 2 need to be UNC administrators. (This way we treat each application as fair as any other.)

From there on, if you should get approved, your trial time will begin in which you will need to prevail yourself. The trial period has no time limit, and frequent questioning on ones status will not make the procedure run any faster (the usual trial time takes around 2 weeks, but each depending on the individual level of activity from the applicants.)

Kind Regards
UNC crew

Click here to post your applications (You'll have to register on the site before posting)
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20-04-2020 16:15
Yea, long time, no see, Sprocket. How is life?

27-03-2020 16:49
Hey Sprocket, long time, how are you?

21-03-2020 13:32

01-01-2020 16:47
Happy new year everybody. bier

10-12-2019 17:54
Thx alot Sensei. I had a great day. I hope you and everybody else is all good. Maybe we should get togehter in the holidays for a race Smile